This page exists to detail some practices that all players should go by to keep this organization fun and exciting, but most of all safe. Remember, we will have some players that are of the younger generation.

  • Don't share your personal information

I know all of you probably know this already, but it really isn't the best idea to give a stranger your personal information. That being said, the entire purpose of this game and Silph Road is to get out and meet people to battle and trade. I'm not saying that you can't share first names or something simple like that. Just refrain from giving out vital things such as home addresses.

  • Meet in a public place

We have guides verify routes, gyms, trade/battle locations for a reason. These can be found on your state's page. Do not agree to meet someone elsewhere unless you know them personally.

  • Keep your phone close to you

This is both for the purpose of staying safe and keeping in contact with the person you're trying to meet. Our meet-up locations will be public places. How else are you supposed to find that one random person in the crowd?

  • Meet during the day

Do I really have to explain it? Don't meet people at night. It's sketchy, spooky, and many other negative based adjectives. Don't do it...